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dataPro™ Commands Overview


NewOpens a new document in the edit window
OpenOpens a file
SaveSaves content of the carrent editor to the file
Save AsSaves content of the current editor to a new file
Open RecentDisplays list of the recently open documents
New TabCreates new editor tab
Close TabCloses current Editor window
PrintPrint the content of the current Editor
ExitExits the program


UndoUndo text operation.
RedoRedo text operation.
CutCut selected text.
CopyCopy selected text.
PastePaste text.
DeleteDelete selected text.
Select AllSelect All text.
FindFind text string.
ReplaceReplace text string.
Paste SELECTPaste SELECT statement for the choosen table.
Paste INSERTPaste INSERT statement for the choosen table.
Retrieve Create SQLRetrieve create statement for database object.


ToolbarHide or show toolbar.
Status BarHide or show status bar.
Line NumbersHide or show line numbers in the Editor.
Flip PanelsSwitches tree view from left to right.
Result in New WindowWhen selected the new table window will be created every time for a new resultset.


AddInvokes an Add Database dialog box. Allows user to add database to the tree window.
RemoveRemoves host from the configuration file. Does not affect the databases in any ways.
OrderSorts tree view items in alphabetical order.
ReconnectReconnects to the current database.
CreateTo create a new database or a table.
CopySelects object for copying.
PasteCreates a new object according to a previously selected object.
Paste Table SchemaCreates a new table with the structure copied from the existed table.
Paste Table DataCopies data to a new table.
RenameRename a table or a view.
DropDrop a database or a database object.
Return Top 100 RowsReturns top 100 rows from a table or a view.
Return All RowsSelects all rows from the table or a view.
Retrieve SQLRetrieve code for stored procedure, function, view or trigger.
RefreshReconnects to the database.
PropertiesShows the connection properties for the host or table structure.


ExecuteExecutes the highlighted SQL statement on the database.
Run ScriptRuns the loaded script.
Show Last ErrorShows last error for the current connection.


CopyCopies the content of the highlighted cell in the table view to the clipboard.
Copy RowCopies the content of the highlighted row in the table view to the clipboard.
FindSearch for a string in the table.
EditEdit cell (Doble click on the cell will do the same).
Delete RowDeletes highlighted row from the database table.
Save Table AsSaves the result of the SQL Select statement to the file.
Save Field AsSaves the content of the selected field to the file.
RefreshTo refresh content of the table window.
CloseCloses the current table window.


Import Text FilesTo import comma delimeted file to the database.
Import Excel FilesTo import Excel spreadsheets to the database.


ContentsOpens this help.
Help IndexOpens the help index.
dataPro on the Web...Opens the dataPro website.
About dataPro...About dialog box.

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