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     Saturday July 04, 2020
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Reckful: Twitch and gamers pay tribute after star's death
Fri, 03 Jul 2020 11:31:50 GMT
Source: BBC News - Technology
Streaming platform Twitch said it was "devastated" at the loss of a "streaming pioneer".
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Townscaper impressions: Build picturesque fishing villages with no direction and no drama
Fri, 03 Jul 2020 09:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
In the beginning, there was an ocean. Vast and unbroken, it stretched from one end of the horizon to the other, the blue of the sky barely distinguished from the blue of the sea.Then there was a pier, dredged up from the nothingness below the sea, a stone-and-sand bulwark battered by waves. The not-ocean grew, the pier becoming a harbor, then an island, and on that island grew houses—in white and red and purple and teal. Cottages and ranch homes, warehouses and monolithic apartment blocks, until ocean gave way to a town.This is how the story goes in my head, at least. I’ve spent much of the last two days playing (or toying with) Townscaper, and so far I’ve learned I never needed the “Sim” part of SimCity after all.To read this article in full, please click here
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Source: Latest Articles
One of the most intuitive kanban apps you'll find, Trello lets you fully customize the boards you create. It's a solid tool for managing work and workflows; just don't confuse it for traditional project management software.
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Hamilton on Disney Plus: 6 surprising things to watch for - CNET
Sat, 04 Jul 2020 04:04:00 +0000
Source: CNET News
Let me tell you what I wish I'd known, when I was young and hadn't seen the show yet.
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